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Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcomes

Market Access

Market access and competiveness of the private sector in the region has been enhanced and the private sector is able to meet challenges resulting from the EAC Single Customs Arrangements Participation into the Customs Union.

Increased Expertise

Uganda has attained mutual recognition on the harmonized standards by Member States leading to increased exports to the region due to the implementation of the COMESA Harmonized standards adopted.

Reduced Transport Cost

Reduced time and cost of transporting goods across the region as a resulting implementing the COMESA Transit Transport Facilitation Instruments i.e. the HRTC, HVD, Axle Load Limits, MVD, CCL and Air Transport.

National Inter-Ministerial Committees

National Inter-Ministerial Committees officially constituted and operational as a result there is national ownership and multi-sectoral approach to regional integration.

EAC-COMESA Consultations

Uganda has participated effectively in the EAC-COMESA Consultations on the implementation of the COMESA Customs Union.

Region Exports

Exports into the region increase as a result of the implementation of the COMESA Free Trade Area Increased.

Investment Environment

The legal regime provides an enabling environment for investment in Uganda in accordance with regional standards.

National Domestication

A clear national position on the domestication of the COMESA Common Investment Area Agreement.

FDI Investment

Uganda is attracting FDI Investment from the COMESA region in the liberalized service sectors.


Formalized and enhanced small scale cross border.

Fair Competition

The legal regime ensures fair competition and is in conformity with the regional obligations.